Tech Casual Dress Code

Working woman wearing tech casual

the active look

The style
Got a super casual office and need to bike to work? This is the perfect look. Simple T’s plus flexible pants let you keep your options open.

Styling tip
The comfy “jogger” pants are perfect for a casual tech office. Pair with casual and comfy cotton tops.

Working woman wearing tech casual in a start up

the skirt & T

The style
A casual shirt and T is perfect for the looking put together without looking like you tried. Soft skirts are perfect for this look.

Styling tip
The materials you want to stick to are jersey, cotton, or denim. They convey casual and are comfortable.

Working woman wearing floral smart casual dress

the casual dress

The style
The key to this look is finding dresses that are simple and comfortable. Accessories are a great addition, but keep the details minimal.

Styling tip
It can be hard to wear dresses in a casual office without getting asked if there’s a special occasion. Stick to simple styles and just smile.

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