Football Week 7: 3 on 3’s

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Weekly sports recaps with Skirt The Sideline

Skirt the Sideline helps you get into the sports conversation with our weekly 3 on 3. Three story line recaps of the previous week, and 3 buzz topics to look out for in the coming week. Here at STS we’re happy to be your sports lifeline when you need it. Check out our SoundCloud channel with all our latest posts! … Read More

5 Storylines to Kickoff Football Season

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The first game of the season kicks off with a Super Bowl rematch between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers in Denver. Skirt the Sideline is here to help you with the 5 major story lines to follow this season! 1 The newest team in the league is the Los Angeles Rams! They just moved from St. Louis after … Read More

Intro to fantasy football

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Football stadium gets us in the mindset of fantasy football

Primer: Jumping in to Fantasy Football It’s football season! If you caught our FB Live introduction to Skirt the Sideline, you know that we are very excited to start with Fantasy Football as the season kicks off in just under 2 weeks. Fantasy football is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, start to learn more … Read More

Motivation Behind Skirt the Sideline

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Skirt The Sideline helps women talk sports

Check out our latest FB Live Video to meet Karthik, the content director for our sister blog Skirt the Sidelines, and to learn about his love of sports. You’ll also hear about why we created it, what it is and how it can help you inside and outside the office!

Introducing Skirt The Sideline

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Skirt the sideline is a blog to help women talk about sports

In the days when Sporcle quizzes were all the rage, I used to frantically play 2 quizzes: NFL and NBA teams. Why? Well English is my second language, but after going through all the hard work of becoming fluent, I felt so jipped because sports seemed to be a whole different language I didn’t understand. So I tried to learn … Read More