Renting jewelry with Rocksbox

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Skirt the Ceiling brand review: Renting jewelry with Rocksbox

Recently, STC’s gotten into renting instead of owning. Why? Because we love to wear different things but we don’t want to have to pay for pieces we basically only wear once. Our latest gem is Rocksbox, a jewlery membership service that lets you rent and accessorize at a low monthly cost. So, let’s dive into the world of Rocksbox! Exclusive … Read More

Warm Winter Workwear Trends

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Winter workwear trends to keep you warm from Skirt The Ceiling

Nothing like a leather jacket to keep you company on the streets of NYC #nyc #pink #skirt #black A photo posted by Shopping and Fashion (@skirttheceiling) on Nov 16, 2016 at 6:35pm PST Pair your turtleneck with a  midi skirt Midi skirts go perfectly with turtlenecks, either a-line or pencil skirt style. Pair more flowy skirts with more fitted turtle necks, … Read More

Tips for shopping the Holiday sales without breaking your budget

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Skirt The Ceiling tips for shopping the Holiday sales without breaking your budget

Here at STC, we love getting great deals – now is a great time to buy gifts for friends, family and also to treat yourself. This weekend almost every brand and store is dangling enticing offers in front of us. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself spending way too much, and worst of all, buying a bunch of things … Read More

5 steps of perfect Skin Care

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Skirt The Ceiling Beauty offers skin care tips for every good beauty routine

I hope you have a current skin care regimen because that is literally THE most important aspect in beauty. Without proper skin care, makeup becomes dangerous—if you don’t take off your makeup at the end of the day, premature aging, bacteria, and discoloration are just a few of a host of skin issues you will encounter. Skin care is a … Read More

Introducing Skirt the Ceiling Beauty

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Skirt the Ceiling beautifuly

“You look tired… …Rough day?” Please tell me I’m not the only person who hears this in the workplace. Most of the time, I’m very much awake and having a pretty decent day, but on days without a little cosmetic pick-me-up, I admit I do look a bit off. Hey, I don’t blame them: my dark circles are pretty gnarly … Read More

Seriously Falling for Ciriana

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Seriously Falling for Ciriana |

Although our Travel Inspo board on Pinterest may be filled with images of far-off locales like Cinque Terre, Positano, and the Amalfi Coast, let’s be real: vacation days for the modern-working woman are few and far between. But before you start feeling down and out, let me tell you about a dress, made of rich yet delicate Italian textiles. What … Read More

8 Steps to Interview-Ready Makeup

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8 steps to interview ready makeup for women who want to put their best face forward

We spend many hours on perfecting our resume, crafting our cover letters, and practicing interview Q&A’s. We don’t believe in procrastinating when it comes to finding and landing our dream job—most likely you already know your 1st round interview outfit… 2nd round… 3rd round…etc. One important detail we often leave to the last minute is interview makeup. The interview is … Read More

3 Tips to work exercise into your busy work schedule

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3 tips to work exercise into your busy work schedule

When work becomes stressful one of the first things that tends to get thrown off my schedule is exercise. Even the smallest obstacle, like having to change into gym clothes can turn into an excuse to not work out. Except when work becomes stressful is exactly when we shouldn’t give up this critical part of our work-life balance. Not only … Read More