About Us

Let’s get to the gist of it. You’re a busy woman with important things to do. Picking the right outfit should be the last thing you need to worry about.

That’s where we come in! Shop the styles we curated for you by occasion to make sure you always look great and never have to waste time wondering if you’ve dressed appropriately.

Our Philosophy

For women, dressing for work can be a double edged sword. We’ve all heard vicious comments about how a woman appears “sloppy”, “messy”, “skanky”, and what her attire must indicate about her character and work ethic. It’s an unfortunate truth, but one that we must work with and overcome. On the other hand, the right details on the outfit can spark that confidence or extra boost we need to excel at work. We believe in empowering women by taking the guesswork out of the professional wardrobe, and helping you dress appropriately to project your confidence and showcase your amazing potential.

Who We Are

Skirt the Ceiling is a small start-up created to solve the professional woman’s styling and shopping dilemmas. It was founded by Christy Liu, a native Houstonian and management consultant, and her sectionmate during their time at Harvard Business School. Since 2016, STC has grown to include 10 interns who are undergraduate students from universities across the country, studying everything from French to Engineering, but united in their love for fashion and their passion for helping working women find their confidence in what they wear.

What We Do

Problem #1

Most women’s workwear sites don’t let you shop in your own language. You can sort by brand, color, size and even material, but what about interview, coffee chat, business formal or smart casual?

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Problem #2

Wearing the wrong outfit can detract from your performance, confidence, and distract people from your amazing potential and personality. Yet, it’s hard to know what exactly a dress code or style means. And it's often difficult to find answers to questions like what is smart casual vs. biz casual?

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Problem #3

Navigating women’s office fashion can be daunting and confusing, especially if you have few women in your office to look up to or don’t have many sources of inspiration in your daily life.

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Intro Video

Check out this great video that explains how Skirt The Ceiling can help you!

Our Pitch

Check out our founder pitching her vision for Skirt The Ceiling, where we won second place!