Renting jewelry with Rocksbox

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Skirt the Ceiling brand review: Renting jewelry with Rocksbox

Our latest gem…is Rocksbox

Recently, STC’s gotten into renting instead of owning. Why? Because we love to wear different things but we don’t want to have to pay for pieces we basically only wear once. Our latest gem is Rocksbox, a jewlery membership service that lets you rent and accessorize at a low monthly cost. So, let’s dive into the world of Rocksbox!

How does Rocksbox work?
Unlike traditional subscriptions, Rocksbox adds a sparkle of surprise inside every box. Once you’ve built your profile and added pieces to your wish list (all the items you would like to try on), a personal stylist at Rocksbox gets to work on preparing your first box, which contains three pieces of jewelry. The surprise? You don’t know what’s in the box. Instead of spending hours browsing the jewelry selection and making sure to see every single piece before making a selection, you get to let a stylist do all the work. Especially when it comes to selecting pieces that go well together, the personal stylist is clutch! You can input your preferences and give feedback to the pieces you get for a customized experience.

How’s the selection?
Rocksbox carries rings, blings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, from 30+ major designers brands include Kate Spade (hellooo cute & colorful earrings), Kendra Scott (gotta support a fellow Austinite), Slate (not the rock lol), House of Harlow, Perry Street, Sophie Harper, Gorjanna (we love their necklaces so much), and so many more.

How much is it?
$19/month. Once you get your box, wear the pieces for as long as you like. But if you really want to maximize your subscription of $19/month, swap out the boxes as often as possible. If you fall in love with a piece so much that you can’t part away with at all (very likely tbh), then you can use up your $10/month shine credit and buy the piece at a discount (up to 50%).

How does swapping boxes work?
Each box comes with a reusable envelope with a prepaid shipping label. Put the box in the envelope with the label on top and Au Revoir box! But you have to send back all three pieces together. No keeping one piece and sending back the other two. You aren’t able to get more pieces until a) you’ve returned all 3 pieces or b) you have bought one and returned the others.

For how long can I keep a box?
As long as you like, so long as you pay the $19/moth subscription. However, we recommend getting the most out of your subscription by swapping boxes frequently. If you can swap 5 times a month, you get to try 15 pieces of jewelry that would cost much more than $19 to own.

Great gift for your on the go friend
Rocksbox also makes a glamorous Holiday gift, especially for friends who live far away or travel all the time (consultants) because the box can be shipped to any location. All she has to do is change the shipping address to her next destination and these gems will meet her there!

Try your first month for free
If you’re still not sure if Rocksbox is for you, why not try it out for free? Get your first free month with code: skirttheceilingxoxo.
Happy accessorizing!


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