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The Woman: Jenn
Even though for as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a lawyer, I thought I should explore different options in college. I tried banking and sales & trading my sophomore summer, consulting my junior summer, and after graduating college a semester early, I also did a spring internship in corporate law. I eventually decided to go into consulting full-time because I wanted to explore the business world further – learn about different industries, functionalities, and roles. It’s this desire to diversify but also deepen my learning that led me to private equity as a longer term career. I loved digging deep into a company’s operations, financials, and strategies to figure out how to help them grow, but I also liked the challenge of solving different problems stemming from different corporate profiles.

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More on her career
I did realize, however, that I wanted to develop an expertise in a particular industry – I chose software. One, because it is an ever evolving space. Two, because products are harder to figure out and I wanted to have expertise in something that is not easily mastered. I am now a vice president at a software growth equity firm, and I love the diversity of challenges and learning opportunities I get every day.

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