Tips for shopping the Holiday sales without breaking your budget

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Skirt The Ceiling tips for shopping the Holiday sales without breaking your budget

Black Friday through Cyber Monday

Here at STC, we love getting great deals – now is a great time to buy gifts for friends, family and also to treat yourself. This weekend almost every brand and store is dangling enticing offers in front of us. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself spending way too much, and worst of all, buying a bunch of things that might be a great deal, but won’t end up being used or worn. So here are some helpful tips to help you navigate the shopping frenzy without blowing your whole budget.

Over the years I noticed that during sales, I often buy items that aren’t staples. Instead, I buy items that I’ll wear once or twice and never even notice when it falls off a hanger and ends up at the bottom of my closet. When I have to try to come up with different situations where I’ll wear something , it’s a sign that this piece is probably a fad. I know something is a staple when it’s a classic item that I always rely on in my closet, like a nude pumps or classic flats (both of which I’ve already purchased). During sales it’s better to spend on items you know you will always use, because there’s little chance for regret.

For example, I’ve kept my eye on a few pairs of classic shoes this fall (below) – and finally they are on sale now!

If you’re not sure if you should buy something, don’t buy it just yet and see how you feel over the weekend. Chances are there might be an even better discount or an additional freebie on Cyber Monday. I notice that if I stop thinking about shopping and remove myself from the sale hype, I can take time realize if this is something I really want to purchase. Never worry about things selling out, because life will go on. I recently wanted to buy these Theory Culottes, but I knew they were still too expensive even with the sale.

So I waited a day, and my size sold out! I was initially upset, but I got over it pretty quickly and now I’m glad that someone else bought the item and stopped me from making a bad purchase. 90% of the time if you just wait a little bit, your head will clear up and so will your budget.

If Cyber Monday rolls around and you’re still getting a bunch of “you left something in your card” emails, then set a budget that’s at least half of the value of all the items you have on your wish list. Then ask yourself some of the following questions and rank your potential purchases:

  • Do you have something that is already pretty similar to this? Yes – bottom of the list
  • Is buying this item going to help save you time, or effort, or stop you from a future purchase?
  • Can you think of something similar to this item that you’ve bought recently, have you used that lately?
  • Is this item even on sale? Are you just trying to make a minimum spend to get a discount?
  • If the item is final sale, is there a chance it won’t fit?

Wondering if you’ll get a better deal on Cyber Monday vs Black Friday? Check your old emails, and you can see what deals happened last year! In some cases, like with Rent the Runway, you can see both their offer codes and make an educated choice!
Happy shopping!

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