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Skirt the Ceiling beautifuly

“You look tired…

…Rough day?”

Please tell me I’m not the only person who hears this in the workplace. Most of the time, I’m very much awake and having a pretty decent day, but on days without a little cosmetic pick-me-up, I admit I do look a bit off. Hey, I don’t blame them: my dark circles are pretty gnarly from allergies, I suffer from adult acne, and I have RBF (resting brow furrowing). All of these micro signs point to the look of stress and lack of sleep, which causes people to make assumptions about your capability to work. So this got me thinking—how can I put my best foot forward when people are, consciously or unconsciously, making assumptions of what state I’m in or how I’m feeling? Here’s where makeup and skincare come into play.

In a way, makeup is a form of self expression and non-verbal communication. If a little bit of “war paint” can help you feel and look more empowered and confident, you come off as exactly that in the workplace.

STC Beauty will be covering a wide range of topics around beauty and skincare to cater to the different needs and questions of our diverse community—from makeup rookies to pros and from young to experienced professionals. Outside of the typical beauty tutorials and product recommendations, we’ll also address common issues for professional women through the beauty lens: how to do your makeup for interviews, how to look more mature/be taken more seriously, how to get client meeting ready under ten minutes, and how to find your travel beauty routine, just to name a few.

Finding Beauty from the Outside In
In college, I developed chronic adult acne. The two dominating feelings I had were embarrassment (why is this happening to me in my 20’s?) and frustration (there is no “cure” to acne). My condition got so bad that I started washing my face in the dark to avoid seeing the problem at hand and even became reclusive.

It’s crazy that such a common skin disorder like acne can take a toll on people’s quality of life, confidence and self-esteem. Learning how to treat and conceal my acne properly helped me in so many ways and allowed me to refocus on the more important things in life. Through this experience, I developed a passion for skincare and beauty. My personal interest in beauty became an artistic and therapeutic outlet and, eventually, a profession.

For roughly seven years, I have had the privilege to work with and learn from the most brilliant R&D minds, dermatologists, and makeup artists in the industry. Through their expertise, I made a successful career out of telling their stories and sharing some of today’s best-selling and innovative products with the world.

An Approachable Approach to Beauty
Because I’m just like you (and not a professional beauty blogger/professional makeup artist/etc), my beauty philosophy is practical! You won’t be seeing new product reviews weekly, you won’t be seeing layers and layers of makeup being caked on the face, and you won’t be seeing short-lived trends here. The goal is to work with the makeup and the canvas you already have, help you define and master your individual beauty journey, and find your own style to skirt the ceiling—beautifully.

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