Fall styles to fall for: Wide leg culotte

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Fall styles are upon us
A change in season is the perfect excuse to switch up your work look and try out what’s trending. This fall one of the favorite office styles that we’ve seen is the wide leg pant. Today we are featuring a wool, wide leg culotte with a fitted blazer, and classic black pumps. Culottes have taken the fashion scene by storm. They are great for the office because they provide the flow and femininity of a skirt, but also have the functional practicality of pants (especially pockets)! For anyone who feels that culottes seem a bit to casual, adding a nice blazer can transform the outfit to the next level.

Perfect for wearing boots

Our favorite part of the culotte what you can wear under them: boots. With normal work pants, you have to worry about either stuffing your pants into the boot or trying to fit the boot under your pant leg without it looking like you have cankles. But the wide legs of the culotte make any boot a natural fit. With this winning combo you get to show off your stylish footwear and stay warm!

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