3 Tips to work exercise into your busy work schedule

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3 tips to work exercise into your busy work schedule

When work becomes stressful one of the first things that tends to get thrown off my schedule is exercise. Even the smallest obstacle, like having to change into gym clothes can turn into an excuse to not work out. Except when work becomes stressful is exactly when we shouldn’t give up this critical part of our work-life balance. Not only can exercise relieve pent up stress, but it can also boost your self-confidence and help you believe that you can get more things done.

So below are top 3 tips to help you maintain workout and a busy work schedule.

1Make working out social
The comment complaint I always hear is that when work get’s busy, people have to choose between social time and gym time. So why not combine both? Having a workout buddy (or three) is a great way of motivating each other. You can catch up and socialize before/after class and share a post-sweat snap. If you can’t seem to get your schedules to match up with a friend, you can still have a buddy you text about your workouts. Just sharing the fact that you exercised (post-sweat snap works here too) can help motivate you for the next time.

2Find a consistent time
One of the easiest ways to build a habit is to do it at the same time every day or have a routine per day. For me, the most consistent time I get my workout in is the morning. Especially when my night times get booked up by dinners, networking, or other events, it can be tough to drag myself out for a run after getting home. Also, working out in the morning is a great way to jump start your metabolism. But if I can’t find a consistent time every day, I try to go to classes (e.g. Mondays are barre, Tuesday is spin, etc) because the specific start/stop time feels more concrete and achievable.

3Simplify your outfit transition
Having to carry two separate outfits or finding time to change can be a huge hassle. If you’re already running late, even the few minutes it takes to change clothes can make a huge difference. So when I’m in a crunch I like to plan ahead by sneaking workout friendly clothes into my work-drobe. My favorite trick is to wear my sports bra and workout tee under a nice blazer, and I’m already half way changed. If you’re really in a time crunch you can always wear a pair of light shorts under your skirt. Check out our live video below to see this tip in action.

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