White button down blouse and light blue dress pants

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The Woman: Kim
Kim studied biology and history in undergrad at Austin College, and later she got her Master of Public Health degree in Epidemiology.
Where Kim really shines is her volunteering dedication the LGBTQ community. She’s incredibly passionate about creating a safe space for her community whether it is through fundraising, networking, or leadership etc.

She is incredibly active, and some of her positions include the following:

Check back soon to read more about Kim’s career!

The Look
This outfit is perfect for a regular day at work. It’s a chic business casual look that pairs comfortable, colorful pants with a more formal white button down shirt for a departure from the classic black, white, navy and brown. This is a fun outfit that allows you to showcase your flair and love of color, while still looking appropriate at a lunch meeting or in the office. A pair of beige loafers and sunglasses put the finishing touches on the look and will help you look super put together!

Check back soon to see more of Kim’s styles!

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