Classic Navy Sheath Dress

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The Woman: Emma
My parents are British, I was born in Montreal and then we moved to New Jersey, which means I am now the proud citizen of three countries! My full-time career began in June 2008 at a real estate consulting firm in SF. I joined just as the subprime mortgage crisis began to grip the headlines, and the business took a nose-dive (thankfully, it has since recovered). Colleagues were laid off within a month, and I was very nervous. I had moved across the country to a new city with no friends or family in the area, and I was unsure how much longer I would be employed. So, I began to look for new opportunities, and by chance, I found a role at Chevron’s renewable energy division. I was the first member of a brand-new strategy and marketing team. There, I built out the marketing function, working hand-in-hand with our business development team to partner with public schools, community colleges and cities across the country to build renewable energy and energy savings projects. I remained at Chevron for nearly six years before leaving for Harvard Business School. In 2015, I interned at Deloitte Consulting, and I look forward to joining the San Francisco office full-time as a Senior Consultant in October.

The Look
Emma’s navy sheath dress looks super polished and professional, and the zipper back and chain-link neck detail add some flair. Especially in industries like consulting where business formal is the standard dress code, having a touch of personal style can be refreshing. Her black pumps are very versatile and can be paired with virtually any outfit. Finally, Emma likes to keep her jewelry simple, but adds a burst of color with her choice of handbag!


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