Black tank top with jeans and white blazer

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The Woman: Janae
I’m from Southern CA (25 miles east of LA), so I’m a West Coast girl at heart. I’m the youngest of 3 children, my dad was a police officer and my mom is a buyer/planner for an electronics company. I majored in economics at Stanford. Fun fact – I played rugby and I really love food, so I guess they balance each other out haha! I interned with General Mills the summer after junior year, and then I started with them full-time after graduation. I spent 4 years there before business school, all in finance. It was a rotational program so I had 3 different roles (marketing finance, sales finance, and supply chain finance). Last summer, I was in Sales Operations at Nest. And in a few weeks (eeeek), I’ll be starting at McKinsey in Implementation.

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The Look
This outfit uses the classic black and white color scheme to create a chic, clean business casual look. The white blazer adds a pop of brightness, to the more muted black pants on black tank top. Paring this outfit with a couple of accessories like black ballet flats, a small but cute black backpack, or a pair of sunglasses  will complete the look and make it functional. This look will help you gain the confidence you need for a big presentation or first day of work by making you look put together, while keeping you comfortable.

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