White dress with black cardigan

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The Woman: Karine
I’m originally Syrian, but most of my upbringing was in Saudi Arabia. I get very different reactions when I share this with people, either indifference “Oh, cool”, of hyper excitement “Wait, Saudi Arabia? What was that like? Specifically as a woman?”. The truth is, when you’re that young and it’s all you’ve seen in life, it feels like a very normal country. My family also immigrated to Canada when I was young and I went to college in Montreal. In my free time, you’ll find me at different dance studios taking ballet or hip hop classes. It’s the time of day I get to pretend I’m a superstar. I’ll let you guess if I look more like a dancing Beyonce or Taylor Swift.

Check back next week to read more about Karine’s career!

The Look
This ensemble is your Friday outfit, aka your happy hour outfit! Karine’s dress would be perfect to wear one last time before labor day, while the weather is still warm. The bow detail on the front adds just the right amount of femininity, while still remaining professional. To make the dress a little more work appropriate, Karine threw over this awesome cardigan. Matching the purse and shoes are a must; the tan leather really pulls the look together.

Check back next week to see more of Karine’s styles!

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