Midweek Motivation

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Well, you’ve made it past hump day and the weekend is just around the corner. We know that a grey cloud can sort of hang over the last little bit of the week, but we want you to end this week with a bang! We want you to do that thing you’ve been wanting to do forever but maybe haven’t had the courage or time to devote to it. So get a jump start on it and go into this weekend with some good vibes!

Estée Lauder, known for her cosmetics empire, was a hard-working woman with vision. No matter how you personally define success, one of the key ingredients will be hard work. Especially on days when you’re feeling particularly unmotivated, keeping your personal vision always at the forefront of your mind will keep you on-track and keep your long-term goals in perspective.

If we always stick to what we’ve always known, we never give ourselves an opportunity to grow as an individual and open ourselves up to greater possibilities. This week, we hope you do that thing you’ve not yet had the courage to. We hope you step outside your bubble of confidence and make yourself vulnerable in the name of learning something new and not being afraid of failure.

Do you let someone’s discouraging words or lack of faith shoot you down? Or do you use their words as fuel for your fire? On your career journey, you might run into colleagues that don’t believe in you and your abilities. So you can either let your confidence take a beating, or you can prove them wrong. The choice is yours.

Have courage, have confidence, and have a great rest of the week!

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