Knit dress with black lace blazer

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The Woman: Sophia
I always wanted to pursue medical school – but that was never the only thing I wanted to do. So I decided to try everything I would never have the chance to try after starting medical school. After graduating college I worked in retail to indulge my newfound passion in fashion (the most fun I’ve had in a job!), and I also began working in real estate. Now I’m starting medical school with no regrets!

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Drooling over the lace details in the black suit jacket.....'nuff said #black #jacket #lace #pretty #wcw

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The Look
Sophia’s look is stylish yet effortless business casual. The black and white dress is formal with a flair, and ties in beautifully with the lace sleeves on the black blazer, which add a more casual look to the outfit. With the black pumps, and purse, it flawlessly comes together for a fashionable business casual ensemble perfect for networking or a big presentation.

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