Black cut out collar top with pencil skirt

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The Woman: Jenn
I’m from a small town in CT called Cheshire, where our biggest store is probably Marshall’s and I grew up picking blueberries, cherries, raspberries, really any fruit or vegetable you can think of from the million farms we have in town. I’m an only child. I grew up with very busy parents, so I was always the first to get to the playground and the last to leave. One night, I even organized a little midnight BBQ with my 10 year old friends, where we all snuck out of our houses and met up in the forest behind the playground with leftover KFC chicken wings and McPatties, somehow make a firepit, and roasted our meats. I have no idea 1) how we learned to make fire and 2) how we got away with the whole thing.

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The Look
This outfit we have here is very flattering to Jenn’s figure; working with your body type is key to comfort and confidence. The tighter fit of the skirt and high neckline top are perfect for Jenn’s petite figure. Black and grey keep a nice neutral color scheme, but are still enough of contrasting shades to be paired with one another. This business casual ensemble would be nicely suited for a lunch meeting or presentation. Wear this with some strappy closed toe heels to put a little sass in your step and show everyone that you are ready to take on the day!
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