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Fall: the season of recruiting dinners, networking events and first days on the job. All sorts of occasions where you’ve got to have the professional-but-personable thing down. But even though you’re full of charisma and charm, nerves still get to us and can make these “fun” events sort of stressful. Because you’ve got enough on your plate already with practicing elevator pitches or finding suitable happy hour topics, we want to make dressing for Business Casual events as simple and stress-free as possible for you.

The Business Casual Dress Code is easily broken up into three different looks: the skirt + blouse, the business dress, or the pants + blouse. Although these options seem basic enough, we’re going to let you in on some of our styling secrets to take each look to the next level.

The Skirt + Blouse
Pencil skirts are a business casual staple. They can be paired with a blouse, a sweater, or a cute top, and they offer a ton of versatility for your 9-to-5 look.

Styling Tips
Business casual skirts should look professional and be made of a high-quality fabric. A skirt that fits too snugly or that has a really loud pattern on it can quickly shift away from the desired semi-professional, semi-casual look.

For more variety, opt to wear the skirt from your suit and watch your work-drobe mix-and-match potential grow overnight.

The Business Dress
While business professional work dresses have to be more structured and of a neutral color, business casual dresses can be more flowy and colorful. They give you an opportunity to show off some personality.

Styling Tips
Because biz casual dresses offer a bit more flexibility, you can experiment with different styles: fit-n-flare, wrap, peplum, asymmetrical. Change it up and find out which look fits you best!

The Pants + Blouse
A nice pair of trousers and a blouse are the final business casual essentials. Although trousers should be fitted, you don’t want them to be too tight.

Styling Tips
Since this style is basically a pantsuit minus the jacket, the best way to add variety is to match different kinds of tops with your trousers. Throw on a sweater or cardigan to further change up the look.

With these staples in your closet, you’ll have a capsule wardrobe of separates to pull from whether it’s a coffee chat, your first day, or a team dinner you’re dressing for. Now we’ve just left you the fun part: mixing and matching!

For more outfit inspo, hit up our Dress Code: Business Casual board on Pinterest. Comment below with any other questions you have, we’re always happy to answer them!

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