Midweek Motivation

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When there is no ceiling, the sky's the limit.

We all suffer from the work-week slump from time to time, but if tomorrow being Friday isn’t motivation enough to keep you chugging through to the weekend, we picked out a few of our favorite inspirational quotes to get the job done.

There’s been a lot of talk about ceilings, and usually it comes with words like “break” or “shatter” that make the effort sound painful, aggressive and intimidating. At Skirt the Ceiling, we believe there are ways we can skirt (or get around) the ceilings we face. And these ways are graceful and motivating instead of painful. For example, standing up for ourselves and our ideas, realizing the value of our contributions, and feeling confident in our work environment. These are all ways that we can skirt the ceiling on the daily. That’s why we love this quotation: with a female nominated for president by a major political party this election year, clearly some progress is being made.

Don’t ever limit yourself or your abilities. You are capable of so much; sometimes it just takes a little reminder to remember that.

On the road to success, there will be plenty of obstacles to overcome. People telling you no, criticizing your ideas, wearing down your confidence. That’s when it’s your turn to realize who’s at the wheel and whose dreams you’re chasing after. Now go get ’em!

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