White slouchy sweater with olive ankle pants

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The Woman: Meghana Dhar
My parents moved to the Silicon Valley after finishing school in Texas and I was born and raised in the Bay Area (Go Bears!). My parents are still a little bit Texan and my dad is likely the only VC in town who wears cowboy boots to work!

While being Indian immigrants themselves and raising a child in America, my parents wanted me to have a balanced and macro-perspective on the world and so we traveled a lot while I was growing up. I adopted this interest, and I chose Japanese as my language at school and pushed myself to spend time living and working in Japan among other developed and developing countries to become familiar with new cultural norms and practices.

I think the exposure I received early on really helped cultivate my world view and appreciate what it means to grow up in America and especially the Silicon Valley.

I build a lot of my travels into my fashion through accessories or simple inspiration- I love pairing designer bags and shoes with things I pick up in bazaars or local markets when traveling. I work at eBay and love hunting for hard-to-find or one-of-a-kind accessories on our site!
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The Look
This look is just the right amount of casual and chic, perfect for women in Silicon Valley. The slouchy white sweater goes really well with any dark pant, and they’ll keep you warm in SF. These olive ankle pants are great for the casual office but can also be dressed up with some heels. She pairs her outfit with cute Ferragamo flats for walking around the city. She’ll bring her classic Blush Prada to work, but swaps out this cute crossbody after work to meet up with friends.
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