Grey staggered skirt with white top

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The Woman
Offices I’ve worked at thus far have been pretty casual – so I usually like to prioritize comfort. I’m also used to working long hours, so whatever I wear to work should be comfortable enough to be in for a long time, such as linen pants (that look like slacks) with elastic waist bands! I don’t necessarily dislike color, but my closet is pretty monochromatic and are usually simple in design. On days where I have to be on the construction site, so I tend to wear clothes that are comfy, conservative, and easy to wash (not dry clean).

Her advice

Dressing for work can be hard! Which is why it’s important wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in it. Because when I wear things that I like and feel comfortable in, I feel more confident and am able to be myself! One thing I try to do before going to bed is to lay out the clothes I’ll be wearing the next day. It makes my morning far less hectic, and I feel more prepared for what my day may hold. 

The Look
There’s something so simple yet trendy about this ensemble. The top has a collar detail, giving it a regal look that sets it apart from other white tanks. The top would go well under a cardigan or blazer. Meanwhile the skirt steals the show with it’s staggered hemline. It’s made with a thicker quality material that makes it perfect for fall or winter. Add a pair of boots to this skirt and it’ll run circles around your average pencil skirt. Read more about Arisology’s brand in our blog.
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