Michael Kors belted jersey dress

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Shop the occasion: Day to day, Team dinner, Travel

AM is from Lima, Peru, and worked in retail banking, music, and most recently consulting. Outside of work, one of her biggest passions in life is music. She started her journey by learning the violin at age seven and soon transitioned to singing by taking opera lessons while she was studying engineering in college. When she first entered the work force, she wasn’t sure how much of her personal life to bring to work, so she kept her musical life separate from work life. Slowly she realized that music was an integral part of her personality, and that her coworkers would like her for who she truly was. The best part? She made it on Peru’s Got Talent, and her coworkers were a big part in rallying support for her. At HBS, she’s continued to stay active on the music scene. She was the co-musical director of the HBS a cappella group and enjoys arranging cappella versions of pop songs. As she returns to work, she looks forward to bringing every aspect of her voice with her.

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