Women hold up the teacher workforce, thank them


In celebration of National
Teacher Appreciation Day, we took a look at some stats on women in the
education work force.  

Thanking teachers is synonymous with thanking women

We found unsurprisingly, that women make up the majority of our
teaching workforce.  This is especially true up through secondary (12th
grade) education.  In post-secondary levels (undergrad and beyond) the
proportion more closely resembles our population, with women making up 49%.
 The percent of female teachers has been stable for pre and primary
education since 1999. Meanwhile women in secondary and post-secondary teaching
positions has increased 7 percentage points over the same time period.  Of
course, we’ve all had our fair share of male teachers we ought to thank, but
it’s clear that female teachers are trending up, and we should be thankful.

Source: Unesco Institute for

Making a teacher living

Then we took a look at pay checks, and this is where the apple
hasn’t fallen far from the pay gap tree.  A woman’s weekly earnings are
77.5% of that of a male’s weekly earnings.  But this could also be
explained by the fact that the majority of males are in secondary or
post-secondary, which pay higher salaries than pre-secondary education.  

Source: Statista

Where the rubber eraser meets the road is the escalating trend
that teachers
can’t afford to live where they work
, and this
is where women are most adversely affected.  

”Oh poor you, you can’t live
in the community where you work, what’s the big deal?” 

The best teachers are immersed in their community, staying past
working hours to spend extra time with her students. It’s heart-breaking to see
the consequences play out, teachers leaving communities they love or leaving
the profession all together.

Thank a Teacher, or Three

By better understanding the stats behind women in the teacher
workforce we can have a better appreciation of teachers overall.  For now,
in addition to staying informed, all we can do is pay our gratitude forward. See our post of a teacher on Who Wore What. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!