Real Women Role Models


When we first came up with the idea of Who Wore What, we intended to feature high profile women in business and what they wore to work.  We quickly found out two things about these women:

  • Their clothing, while classy, elegant, and beautiful, was often pricey
  • They didn’t reflect the diversity of women we saw in our audience (background, geography, industry, or position)

No “instafamous” models , no Photoshop

And then it clicked – why not feature the women around us?  True, we could have cast a wider net, but we would have overlook the hundreds of role models in our lives.  Women around us embody the spirit of Skirt The Ceiling, but no one’s sharing their stories.

My favorite part of Skirt The Ceiling has been creating content for Who Wore What, which now features real working women wearing outfits in their unique styles.  No “instafamous” models , no Photoshop, simply women diverse in background, appearance, and work experience.  

Will you model for STC?

These women have worked all over the world including Kenya, India, Cambodia, Chile, and Dubai.  They’ve worked across multiple industries including retail, tech, education, wine and cuisine, fashion, real estate, private equity, and consulting.  They’ve all done amazing things, but when we ask them to be photographed, their first reaction is almost always surprise.

“Are you sure you want me”?

“Yes, you’re amazing, you’re beautiful, and young women who relate to your style and experience need to know your story!”

“Yeah, but I’m not model material…”

Yes, please send more amazing women our way

But that’s exactly what we want.  Not models, but role models.  Thank goodness our first version of Who Wore What fizzled out quickly because I’m more energized than ever to find real beauty and confidence. We want to share a group of relatable diverse role models with young women everywhere.  

Our post today was submitted by student at UT Austin who said, “…so my French professor looked really nice today and I snapped some pics and took notes on her outfit…” Yes, please send more amazing women our way, and also send more compliments her way for the impact she’s had on your life.  You don’t have to look far and wide for inspiration, Skirt The Ceiling is proof of that.